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Make multiple dropout markets at once

Commented this on the current GOP dropout market:

"If/when dropouts start picking up more we're gonna miss out on some action by waiting a whole week for the next market. Hopefully no one dropouts between now and Tuesday night. Or, Predictit could just open a new market right away. Would be easy to keep track if the markets were titled "Who will be the 5th Republican to Dropout" etc...

Therefore, even if something happens in the week and a dropout doesn't actually happen, both markets can remain open, since they're sequential (5th can only resolve if 4th has, etc....)

Might as well open ten all at once Predictit."

There's currently 11 candidates remaining excluding Gilmore. Opening 10 (5th through 15th dropout) would be nice.

If you are worried that more than one won't dropout before the convention, you can order the dropout in terms of delegates (whoever has the fewest goes first, etc...), or another creative solution you can come up with for rules.

Ultimately, this will allow users to trade on who will drop out last, as well as next, and in between.

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