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How do you see the result of a prediction?

Hey guys, I know this question seems very basic, but I was wondering if anybody knows if there is an easy way that I can see the result of a prediction that I betted on. In the past I have just used the comments feature to see what the results are but its not always reliable. How do you know what PredictIt determines the result to be after the market has closed? The reason I ask is that I bet on the State of the Union length lasting between 55:00-59:59 min. Nearly every count I have looked at out the speech length at 58:00 but my PredictIt account appears to show that I lost money? I want to know what PredictIt's official length was, but I can't find that anywhere. How do I see the result? I have posted a picture of my funds history as an attached file. Thanks for the help!
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