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Short term V Long term

Do any of you prefer long bets over short? I find the short ones (Approval polls, Debate bump/burn, etc) to be difficult to, err, predict, and more like betting on odds than I had wanted on this site, and gradually am finding myself placing bets on the longer geopolitical contracts. Not to say I don't get sucked into the short term bets at all, but I find the longer ones to be honestly less stressful (and, if not that I'm better at the long terms, I at least lose money less often. Interested in anyone's thoughts on it.
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I would love to see more longer-term -- multi-year -- bets, and even actually long-term bets (5-10 year horizons) . Maybe it does not fit the research goals of the site, since the outcomes will not be known for so long... but, I would like them, as a user of the site. 


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