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Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party, for U.S. President

Please add Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate, to the list of candidates who will win the U.S. Presidential Election in 2016.

The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest political party in the United States, and Gary Johnson himself earned 1.2 million votes in 2012 as the Libertarian Party candidate for President. 

If PredictIt deliberately excludes other parties from the list of candidates, then you are nothing more than a stooge for the Republican and Democratic Parties.    

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I agree! I also think there should be a poll about if Gary Johnson will be in the general election debates given his pending lawsuit.

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I see you want something more than the generic 'other' that exists in one market now.  I'd do the market as a multi-bracket vote share market.  Any bidders who actually think the Libertarian candidate could win would bid on the top bracket, but, even for those thinking otherwise, there could be lively uncertainty over exactly which of the lower brackets was most probable.

I clicked submit too fast on my prior reply but mean this:

What could be ideal might be to add Gary Johnson to the existing presidential candidate market, for those wanting such, but, then, after the primaries are over, also add presidential popular vote share multi-bracket markets.  My proposed Libertarian nominee vote share market would complement two other hypothetical markets for the Republican and Democratic nominees.

Might make sense to see who wins the Libertarian nomination and then add that person. If you want to add (L) candidate(s) ahead of time, you should probably aim for whoever you think the frontrunner(s) is/are, and data differs on that (Petersen won the only binding caucus, Perry won the delegates' straw poll in Louisiana with Johnson tied for 2nd place, most polls show either Petersen or McAfee winning with Johnson doing consistently well usually 2nd place).


I would also like Gary Johnson and perhaps Austin Peterson to be added to the list of candidates who will win the 2016 presidential election

I've never seen more talk of a 3rd party candidate and the Libertarians are the next largest party. Seems like an opportune time!

Other polls related to Libertarians that I think should be on here:

- Will the Libertarian Party receive >5% of the general election votes (or different options of how many they will receive like < 2%, 2% - 5%, 5% - 10%, >10%)

- Who will be the Libertarian nominee?

- Will the Libertarians be on the ballots in all 50 states?

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