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When to buy 'No' or 'Yes' In Two Way Race - New User

Hello - 

New to this and I am not understanding something that seems fundamental...

In a TWO way race, what is the difference between buying 'No' on candidate A and buying 'Yes' on candidate B.  I presume 'No' is the safer buy given unlikely scenarios like the contest never taking place.

Seems I am missing something important here.


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I think you got it yourself at the end, but let me express it in other terms:

In a race for one position, there can never be two winners, but they can be two losers.  The possibilities that that happens are multiple, but their probabilities are small:

- the contest is delayed and nobody can win

- one candidate could fall ill or die and the replacement beats the other candidate

- a third candidate enters the race if not legally prohibited and wins

- ...

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