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Will Donald Trump get 50% in CT & Will John Kasich get 2nd place in MD

Based on recent polling and demographic projections, Donald Trump is the clear winner for CT & MD's upcoming primaries on April 26th. The markets have slowed to a crawl, with Trump way ahead at over 90c/YES share in both conditions. So naturally, we have become bored and are looking for more interesting ways to invest.

Donald Trump is incredibly close to 50% in CT. In fact, if he wins it, he will sweep all 28 delegates in the state. So naturally, his campaign will be looking to hit that mark and will be pushing aggressively. I'd like to request a >=50% market in Connecticut for Donald Trump. New Q poll combining with Emerson poll previously in the week has Donald Trump very close, and with rising momentum coming out of NY people will be eagerly looking to stake claims on this. All evidence from the high activity in the 50% NY market would prove people would do the same here.

Maryland is a similar situation to CT. However, 50% of the statewide vote is not of interest to the traders or the campaign since it doesn't mean as much. However, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have been switching 2nd place going up-and-down in the MD primary. The NY primary 2nd place also held high volume and was a fun swing market that night. I'd like to suggest the same market again for MD: "Will John Kasich get 2nd place in the Maryland primary?"

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