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Can we have some markets opened to do with China?

A few ideas:

• Outcomes of the corruption investigations

• GDP growth

• Will China move their currency peg position by the end of 2016

• Will any Politburo Standing Committee members resign because of the panama papers

• Will China continue building islands in the South China Sea through the end of 2016?

Will China become part of the TPP trade agreement?

Just a thought. It seems strange that none of the World markets have anything to do with the largest country in the world. 

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This! I think that it is ridiculous that there are no markets pertaining to the largest region of political-risk/GDP in the world. 

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Just start with the basics: Will Xi Jinping remain  President of the People's Republic of China through 2016? There's one for Putin so there should be one for fat Xi too.

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