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Can we get which-party-will-win-New-Mexico contract?

There are lots of states with electoral college markets, but not NM.

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Agreed please add a market for NM's Electoral College votes. It has the largest % Llatino population in the state, so the contract would be good bellwhether for how each  party is courting the Latino vote (or not).


Agreed. New Mexico was much closer still, but a number of additional states are suitable for markets, in terms of states where less than a 10% rise in one party, mirrored by a corresponding fall in the other party, would flip them compared to the last presidential election.

After all, up to +/- 10% for each candidate is presently within the realm of debate in this exciting and unpredictable election season (from some perspectives anyway), so any state which had under a 20% total margin of victory is of potential interest.

That includes Minnesota (mirrored 4 point shift to flip) and Illinois (mirrored 8.4 point shift to flip), among others, even Connecticut.,_2012#Results

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