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FedEx Letter Service for Larger Withdrawals

When a large check is withdrawn, it would be much appreciated if it could be sent via FedEx Letter Service. Maybe have some minimum amount ($3,000, $5,000, etc), but for the service fee associated with such a withdrawal, I think we would all appreciate a bit more security and assurance of timely delivery than a 'Forever Stamp' provides... On a $5,000 withdrawal, the fee is $250. Can we not get a $15 secure mail service for that $250? Please!

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Sometimes USPS is more convenient, like I live in an apartment complex where only the postman (not FedEx or anyone else) has the key to open a mailbox to deliver anything safely if the recipient is not home all day.  With that said, there could be nothing wrong with offering multiple options, such as priority mail with signature confirmation if choosing to mark an optional checkbox deducting an extra charge.

Personally I would like a clear official statement and policy that, if a check was ever lost in the mail and not received within 30 days, the user could pay a $40 fee to get it reissued anew.  That would cover what banks charge for a "stop payment" fee, to prevent any abuse, so the old, lost check would be canceled in that event.

I have not had any problems so far, but the preceding would help peace of mind.

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Even better: add direct deposit.

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