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Rule contingency to cover unexpected death of candidate

I've been trading on your site for awhile, and also was a longtime trader on Intrade.  It's been vaguely bothering me that none of your Rules blurbs cover the (unlikely, but unfortunately not zero) possibility that a candidate could die during the campaign.  This is fairly unlikely but if it did happen it would cause a fair bit of chaos in your markets.  Both major party presidential candidates are in their late 60s, so the odds are slightly elevated from the usual this year. 

Intrade had a policy where in that event the markets would be halted and prices would revert back to the previous end of day price, and the contracts terminated at that price.  Has there been any thought given to putting some kind of contingency in like this?  I'm slightly hesitant going Yes for a lot of money without some kind of stipulation.  There may be other traders like me, which would mean you are sacrificing some fees and liquidity to the markets due to the lack of addressing the issue.

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Generally speaking, if a candidate dies, then they cannot win, etc. so the market will resolve as NO.

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