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Will Congress pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in 2016?

This was proposed about a year ago, but is a lot more relevant now, especially since candidates Trump, Sanders and Clinton all claim to be against it and it has grown so much more controversial.

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I'm fine with keeping the question "Will Congress pass TPP in 2016" as Peter_T suggests.

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(I apologize that I replied twice before - I didn't see my first post, assumed it disappeared, and wrote the second one.)


If you split the question as you suggest, it seems to me that you end up with three options:

1. congress won't vote on TPP in 2016

2. congress rejects TPP in 2016

3. congress approves TPP in 2016

I doubt it is worthwhile to have so many options: If it is clear that there are not enough votes in favor, McConnel and Ryan won't bother with a vote at all.  Options 1. and 2., in other words, are very similar to each other.

I would like to keep the question one: 3. or not 3. that would be my question.

Just to Peter T's point, while it is true that "most people" expect this to be brought to a vote in the lame duck session, it is also true that most people expect it to fail...still I do think both issues are individually worthwhile, and I would suggest two markets. In any event one is better than none and I have upvoted the suggestion to be implemented in whatever form PI deems best.

I agree that the question about congress passing TPP should be added now.  Most people expect congress to vote in the lame duck period of 2016, after the general election, which is in only four months.

Suggest that this be modified to "Will congress vote on TPP in 2016" or in the alternative bifurcated into the two questions "Will Congress vote" and "Will TPP pass"

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It was a good and relevant question already a year ago, but the expected time of resolution was far away, in the lame duck period of this congress.  Now that time is less than six months away.  Please add the question.

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