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Market Pause for Rule Clarifications

Following the recent chaos in the RNC Nielsen market where a typographical error in a rule "clarification" caused large losses to some people, it seems clear that it would be a good policy to pause any market where an official comment has been made by Predicit to clarify the rules.  This would allow time for traders to adjust to the rule clarification, and time to correct those rare typographical errors that cause harm to people believing they are actually a rule change.

It would probably be good to e-mail anyone with an interest in the market rule clarifications as well, if this is not already done.

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I require rules clarification on a current market. What is my best way to get a rules clarification?

For rule clarifications, please email your question to or submit your question by using the "Need Help?" widget on the right side of the page at PredictIt. Support will forward your question to the settlement committee for review and clarification and will provide you with an update when the review is completed.

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