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Allow traders to flip positions with a single trade

Especially as we approach the general election, I think it would be great if we were permitted to go from long to short positions or vice versa with a single trade. This would be especially valuable when breaking news or data cause a trader to not only want to vacate his or her current position, but to flip to the opposite position. As long as the necessary funds are available and there are no conflicting/overlapping orders, I don't see why this shouldn't be permitted within the current system. 

As we know, at present, a multi-step process must be used when a trader wants to flip positions--first he must sell all his shares. Then he must go back to the contract and make another bid for the opposite position. This can often waste extremely valuable seconds...especially when many of us monitor and trade in multiple markets at once from our "my shares" page. In this case, if you sell all, you actually then have a three- or four-step process, because once you've sold, the contract has disappeared and you need to open a new window/tab, relocate the market, and then make a bid on the opposite position. This is inefficient and unnecessarily burdensome, in my opinion. The alternative that I've proposed would save traders money and a great deal of frustration.  

Thanks for your consideration.


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