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Will Obamacare be repealed by the end of 2016?

Its a long shot but if Republicans could get enough votes to override Obama's veto, theres a chance. Republicans own both chambers of Congress.

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There is no chance to repeal Obamacare while Obama is president, the Republicans have far too few supporters among Democrats to override his certain veto.  Maybe the question would become interesting if "end of 2016" was replaced with "end of 2017"?  Assuming a Republican victory, Republicans would need to formulate a positive vision of the healthcare system, even if it is only "returning back to the mess we had before".  The Republican governor of Kentucky moderated his tone after winning the governorship, maybe Republicans feel pressured to do the same.

Even with 2017 as end year, the criterion for "ending it" needs to be specified.  I suggest: "Will the individual mandate, one cornerstone of Obamacare, be repealed in law by the end of 2017?"

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