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Stop Loss Order

Please add a Stop Loss feature. 

Thank you

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Yes, something or this nature is very much needed, or a stop limit, or at least an email alert.

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Not sure I agree with the thinking. What's to stop someone from manipulating the share price in order to effectively wipe out people with stop losses? 

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Stop-loss orders are very common on stock exchanges. Such orders prevent the contract holder from having to constantly check prices.

Regarding manipulation, the $850 limit makes it difficult to own a large number of shares that could be rapidly sold to trigger unknown (such orders are typically not public) stop-loss sell orders. Furthermore, when a holder decides ahead of time to sell if the price drops below some level, they already implement a poor-man's stop limit sell order. For example, on an election night, when the prices can rapidly drop, one may wish they could have more quickly sold their shares than it takes to login to PI and get through the sell UI.

I see the possibility to manipulate shallow markets and wipe out other traders, but that would be a risk of a trader who uses a Stop Loss order. Don't do it in shallow markets. At least in my experience, market return seldom to being shallow once they have been deep.

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