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Non House claims

Right now, we have a situation where the "house" picks claims that it thinks are good for the site. The economic incentive there is to create claims that will attract a high degree of betting and bring traffic to the site. I would suggest there are issues people may want to get market feedback on for which they would make payment to get that feedback. That might be handled by a) a claim creation fee for ideas that have not been implemented b) a subsidy allocated to the first x dollars of transactios in that claim c) a prize allocated among those that bet on the right side of that claim B&C mean that on average traders might have net positive cash flow from betting on that kind of claim(if the volume was low) This is a different revenue source for the site and could generate extra revenue for traders. For example: political campaigns might then use the site to do market research on elections or metrics that would otherwise not be attractive to traders.
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