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Donald Trump Steps Down (hear me out)

I feel that The Donald, at his age, has little interest in the concerns and limitations of downgrading to living in ONE mere 6 floor White House and being limited to government issued jets and helicopters, all the while having overexposure of his words, his personal affairs, his business affairs and the same for his family members. So I'd like to see the following:

1) Donald Trump steps down before the inauguration;

2) (Knowing he's ego driven) Donald Trump leaves office within 6-12 months of taking office. Maybe he'll leave immediately simply so that he can go down in the history books as President Trump (45th President) or maybe he'll stick around just to see how things work and long enough to move-and-shake up to the first Trump Administration budget getting passed.

Who knows? But I don't think he's going to be living on Pennsylvania Ave for 4 years. 

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I'd phrase the claim simply as Donald J Trump is no longer president before 11/1/2018 with another claim being Trump is president on 11/1/2018 but is not longer president by 11/1/2020

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