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Will NPR be defunded in 2017?

Alternatively, "will the whole Corporation for Public Broadcasting be defunded?" which would include PBS. I'm interested because the NPR ombudsman suggested they will no longer do live interviews with what they deem far right conservatives, and conservatives will soon control the whole federal government. Conservatives have wanted to do this for a while, and with the "fake news" meme and Trump's winning the election while framing the media as dishonest, suggesting stricter libel laws, and trimming federal bloat, the political climate has never been better for this to happen, by a long shot.

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I think the Republicans tried to defund NPR under speaker Gingrich, but failed.  They didn't try again under president Bush.  Are the conditions now so much more aligned to make it happen?

. . . The question should be formulated neutral.  "the political climate has never been better for this to happen" is an opinion, because if defunding NPR is good is debatable.

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