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Charts should show OHLC

I'm sure you are aware that the market charts you can bring-up have shortcomings.  I won't go into all that could be improved about them, but you can look at almost any finance site for how they do stock charts for some simple examples.

What is currently done, though, is plotting OHLC data as candle stick data.  You do not have candle stick data, you have OHLC data.  The High and Low are OK as plotted, by the Open and Close are plotted as horizontal lines across the High-Low line with the space between the High and Low filled in like a candlestick.

With this method, which really just improperly uses OHLC data as input to a candlestick plotter, it is not possible to tell if the bottom or the top of the box is the Open or Close without out reading the text that floats over the cursor.

Plotting the OHLC data as regular financebars would be a big help.

Also, for the more active markets, plotting a minimum of every 5 mins. instead of 1 hours would also be very helpful.

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