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Expand the charts to include minutes, time of day, number of shares sold at each price and the ability to zoom in for each day?

Im having a problem. There isnt enough data to research on this site. Heres a few examples.

1.  On December 23rd, I bought a few hundred shares of B6 Nos before it closed for 1 cent and sold them for a small profit.


The shares got sold at 6:08PM.  Why does the chart look like this?


The market closed at 12 Midnight. Under hours ago (-1, -2), why does it say this market was dead when my shares got sold? The volume for 6pm should show up under -6 but it says the last 98 cent shares (or 2 cent Nos) got sold at 7am or (-17)? My request is to change the hours ago or (-1, -2, -3) to the time like 11pm, 10pm, 9pm, ect cause I dont know what time it stopped counting. I thought the market closed at 12 midnight. 

2. Second request is for traders to know how many shares were sold at each price. That information isnt available, just a high and a low. 

Like with this here. 


It says high 99, low 98, volume 325. I need to know how many shares in that time frame was sold at 99 and how many at 98. Its important for traders to know whether buying a loser is worth it if they can flip some before closing.

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