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ROI Report

I have been tracking my betting track record here using a spreadsheet where I look at the dates of each cash deposit and what by returns on betting have been to date. I think this would be a useful report for all traders. is at this point a negative sum game because the house takes its cut(and must to keep things running). However, I think it would be very useful for players to have sense of what their return is over time and how that compare to other players. For example, my ROI is about 0.5%/month. I expect that is better than average, but I have no idea what percentile that places me in overall. Predictit is a ways from being a real investment exchange. I Think that having an ROI report might help increase interest in the site so that fees might be lowered a bit in time.
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I like this idea. In the meantime, mind sharing your spreadsheet?
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