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Will the US use force against North Korea in 2017

Kim Yong Un is continuing tests of missiles, with which North Korea can attack targets further and further away. Their missile technology is reported to be capable of  building missiles reaching the US in a few years.  Will the US president not only threaten but use force against Korea to destroy missile technology and deter future missile development?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the suggestion! I will pass it along to our markets committee for future consideration.



PredictIt Support Team

Nick, any decisions made yet?  I saw two more recent suggestions about North Korea, which shows the interest in this question, but the two asked if war would be declared, and we haven't declared war for quite a while (since 1942?). It's also not clear any declaration is needed, because legally we're still at war with North Korea and have only an armistice. Since 1942, however, we have often used force to bomb installations on the ground, and any use of such force could result in an all out war, which makes the question so important.

. . . To the wording of my suggestion:

I would prefer to make the time period until the midterms or the whole of 2018, and not to specify the target of the force, as long as it is more than one soldier mistakenly crossing the border, but is an ordered bombing or a commando raid by US forces into North Korea.

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