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Polling Market Variations

I think it'd be a good idea, to keep the polling markets interesting, if PI tried out different markets to do with Gallup/RealClearPolitics or did "special markets" every few weeks. Some of these could include: - Bracketed Gallup market (could have 5 brackets) - Gallup markets more often (could do one every 3 days instead of a week) - How many polls will there be in RCP Trump Approval on this date? - What will the lowest/highest number be in RCP Trump Approval on this date? - What will Rasmussen Trump Approval be for this time range? (similar to the current Gal market) - BRING BACK DIRECTION OF COUNTRY AND CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL. This is a big one, particularly DoC. Those markets were awesome and the RCP manipulation/fraud or whatever happened was a very rare occurrence and while I understand you guys had to do something about it, I think after weeks without these markets that you've made your point. People will think twice about trying to make money fraudulently if they know that the market can get shut down. A lot of people who play the polling markets agree with me on some or all of these ideas so I'd appreciate it if they were seriously considered. Thanks.
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