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Will Trump's $1.6Billion Allocation for the Wall Survive?

Or will it lead to the shutdown of 9/30....   

The $1.6Billion was recently added into the budget so it's a real good point to focus on as a market, since it will be a battleground.   

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1.6 billion sounds a lot, but is little compared to the cost of a whole wall.  I would expect that congress would leave the 1.6 billion in the budget to appease Trump, like an earmark for an important legislator, but that congress would balk at increasing it to a significant portion of actual construction costs.  The threat of a shutdown, however, is an important question to show how much leverage Trump still has in congress.  A bet would need some rewording to make opposition by Democrats certain (that should be easy) and support by Republicans uncertain (that's the hard part).

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