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Will senator Robert Menendez leave the US senate before January 17, 2018?

US senator Robert Menendez has been indicted, and his trial starts in September 2017.  A verdict is expected to be reached within two months.  If convicted, Menendez would normally be expected to resign his senate seat, but this would allow New Jersey's current governor, Republican Chris Christie, to appoint a Republican senator who would occupy the seat until the end of 2018.  Democrats would want to keep Menendez in the senate until January 17, 2018 when the expected new governor, Democrat Phil Murphy, would start his work and could appoint a Democratic senator.  Democrats in the senate will try maneuvers to delay Menendez replacement, but they might be forced into a tough vote about expelling Menendez as convicted felon.  It could become very important for the political future of Obamacare if senator Robert Menendez will leave the US senate before January 17, 2018, and it could become an ugly fight in the senate.

. . . More information on the options of Democrats after a Menendez conviction and the political consequences can be found under

"Democratic senator is going on trial for corruption charges, and Republicans are hoping to get his seat."

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