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What would you like to see from a third-party desktop app?

 I have been using and developing my own software that pulls market data from and does all sorts of nice things with it (all market history at 1 min interval for last Xmonths, alerts when price at,below,above given amount, tweet tracking - alerting when a tracked twitter account tweets about given keyword, various visual data presentation tools - charts, graphs, etc).

I am looking to possibly release this after a bit more polish since it has been helpful to me in terms of profitability and such. However, I am wondering what kind of tools/featuers you all would be interested in having that could be done on my side. There is certain info and features not available through any predict_it api like knowing trading volume, buying and selling of shares on a given account, etc. The only predict_it data I have available is that from the URL above.

What would you like to see in a desktop app?

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