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Border Wall Funding Prediction

The Boder Wall was a promise made by President Trump. I would like to see a Border Wall Funding prediction be addded to the Market. It will be coming up after the 19th of January. Since January 2017, funding for the Border Wall has been in debate and discussions. The prediction should/could be “Will the Border Wall be funded in FY18 for $1.6B as inidicated in the House Budget earlier this year. “. Another predictions should/could be “Will Mexico pay for the Border Wall?” This would be a great prediction to put to the market. Also, Another prediction could/should be “Will the Border Wall be build in Texas or California by 2020?” Nothing has been done to date to fund this bill. However, there is now on-going debate within the House and Senate to negotiate after the 19th a deal to include DACA, Immigration Reform and Border Security (Wall, Technology, Agents). I think this will be wildly popular with a lot of people. Thanks,

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Good idea. It is a big political issue right now.

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