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Option to hide/disable Disqus comments

I have not found the comment threads on the market pages useful, and often they are downright unpleasant.  I'd prefer to hide them completely.  Could this be added as an option on the settings page?

You have the option already to simply not scroll down below the data charts on any given market webpage. That way, you won't even see the comments section. Easy ?

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disqus needs a v-chip

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There are only comments down there and comments from other bets at the very end.

Therefore, not seeing the comments by not scrolling down is already a built-in feature, as pjp88029 correctly noted.

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If you're like me, it's not enough to just not scroll down. You have to remove the temptation to do so!

The solution is easy: there's a browser extension called the "Shut Up Comment Blocker" that will allow you to turn off the comments. Just do a search for it on Google. 

For the record, I am doing much better overall now that I no longer see the pumping and shiiitposting and just do my own independent thinking.

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