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Will the senate end the legislative filibusters by Dec 31, 2018?

In the last years, the senate abolished the filibuster for presidential nominations, first for nominees except for Supreme Court Justice and later for all nominees including the latter. There are voices for abolishing even the filibuster for laws, for example by the President and many Representatives in the House. Abolishing the legislative filibuster would have a major impact on all legislation, which can be blocked today by a minority of 41 senators if it's not a budget resolution. Also, after the first filibuster is ended with a simple majority, there will be likely no going back, as seen with the abolished filibusters for presidential nominations - it would be a major change in the US political system.

. . . PredictIt has a similar bet now running, but its timeframe is limited to January 31, 2018, under

The limited timeframe made the bet one-sided, with a high probability that the filibuster would not be abolished in the short timeframe. Extending the timeframe makes the bet more balanced, with a larger price on Yes. I suggest setting the timeframe with the end of congressional periods, like Dec 31, 2018 and Dec 31, 2020.

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