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Combine all "Will X Run in 2020" markets?

Hey guys, there are about 25 "Will XYZ Run for President in 2020" markets across all separate pages on their own.

Would we want a "Who will become a candidate FIRST?" market, to have the names all in one field, all on one page?

Then we could have one thriving comment community on that page that covers ALL the possible candidates, instead of 15 zombie threads with not enough critical mass to have hardly any participants across all of them.

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I'm for bringing all candidate markets together, but against betting on who announces first. That question seems to me rather inconsequential and not worth betting on. It's, after all, who's first at the end, which is most interesting.

(am soft. am fluffy)

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I SUPPORT THIS IDEA. Because only one choice can resolve "YES," it provides a vehicle for negative risk players, which will improve the liquidity of all contracts. Even for players with directional bets, placing multiple NO bets provides a less capital intensive approach. Successful PredictIt markets require liquidity, must resolve reasonably quickly, and must collect traders to a common thread to reduce fragmentation. The proposed approach is much better than the "one off" approach currently being used.

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