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Will Melania Trump file for divorce in 2018?

A worthy & potential add:

Will Melania Trump file for divorce in 2018?

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Stay out of the "innocent bystander" personal family life for markets, please. Politics are filthy enough. She is not even very involved with her political position of being First Lady; so I respect her desire to keep out of the spotlight in general. Now, DJT2, Eric, Ivanka, Jared; they have stuck their nepotistic blessed noses where they don't belong; so They are all fair game in Political Polls, not their Personal lives, IMO. Personal issues should only be brought to light and factors to consider When they affect Whatever the Heck Job it is that any of them are doing in either a governmental capacity or for Trump and/or Kushner corporations with their many (highly probable) Conflicts of Interest.

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I agree about staying out of the innocent bystanders, BUT a topic of this is NOT new to the media.

Remember Republicans pushed for an impeachment of Bill Clinton based his lies of an affair in 96 ?

Or should I reword my request by leaving Melania's name out of it, and ask;

"Will Donald Trump be sued for divorce in 2018?"

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No, please don't open this bet.

Melania Trump has not gone beyond the traditional role of First Lady. Her private life should not become an object of political betting.

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Your reference to the Clinton's debacle only reminded me of the horrible emotional anguish that the incidents and the media put Hillary and Chelsea through. And to me, "2 wrongs don't make a right". But that's just me, one of the few left in this world who put decency, civility, consideration of others etc. ahead of or being "right" or making money; especially from another's misfortune. So, go ahead, if you feel that it is the right thing for you to do... I'm sure that there is a Market for it, worded either way. I just won't "bet" in it. (As if that matters...)

Very House of Cards.  I'd make the market cover the entire first term and have yes be triggered by formal announcement that someone else is taking on the formal duties of first lady.  SNL jokes Ivanka does them already, what are the odds joke becomes fact?

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It is understood that the world of politics is personal.  Yet, the spouses of MOST candidates do have a say on if their spouse should run for office.  Or, that is what a good relationship is and should be, based on communication, love, understanding and being at one's side.  

@pjp88029 Do you think Hillary did NOT have a say when Bill ran for office?!?  Do you think she did not enjoy (for the most part) being First Lady???  

Good or Bad, Melania is the "First Lady"  If she does NOT like it. Or if she does not like her husband stepping out on her, then she should divorce.

Being IN Public Office IS potentially under public scrutiny.

Though, I agree that the children should be Off Limits... except the one's in the Trump Family which are grown adults and are involved in helping their father, either with growing the country, or growing his business... which is STILL NOT in a Blind Trust.

PRO - "Will Donald Trump be sued for divorce by 2020?"

You know what? You asked a question to which people respond with their feedback. I gave you mine, which you do not agree with. I fail to understand Why you asked the question to begin with, if you are so hellbent on submitting your idea for this type of market. I am not here to argue with strangers. So stop haranguing me, go away, do what you want, as it seems to me like it doesn't matter what other people think at all. Oh to be young again and Know Everything....Those were the days... Not!

Wow, YOU ARE THE EPITOME of a SNOWFLAKE.   You appear to get all bent when someone, myself, is just trying to share ideas, concepts & thoughts.  You don't like the conversation go somewhere else.  All I did was propose a potential "predict'  Which, with this company taking months at times to figure out the results on a long ago completed action/decision, I am sure they will not take up my whimsical proposal. So, you have nothing to fear.  Meanwhile, if they had posted will a "Porn Star sue Donald Trump" we would have won money.  The current presidents staffs, administration & life has been truly worthy of his roots, which is being a 'reality star' full of non-sensical drama.

I in NO WAYS expect you to agree... I am just sharing my thoughts on what is happening.

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