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Please add Terry McAuliffe to market for Democratic nomination for president

McAuliffe has just finished a successful four-year governorship in Virginia, a purple state, had a Democratic successor elected, and is well connected in the Democratic party. You have added already a bet if he will run for president, under

where Yes share sell for 63 cent.

Please add him to the market for the Democratic nomination for president, under

I think he could win many voters who are more centrist and prefer an experienced administrator as a candidate. Historically, being governor of a larger state has been the best preparation for running as president, and there are now too few governors on the list of candidates: only Tim Kaine (also Virginia, a senator now), Cuomo (old), and Jerry Brown (very old). Hickenlooper and Bullock are also not on the list.

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I'm in favor of adding all of McAuliffe, Hickenlooper, Bullock, as well as Inslee, Sally Yates, and Seth Moulton. Thanks!

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If McA was the chosen one, he'd probably be in these markets. It is the unchosen ones being left out and most likely for a reason.

McAuliffe is owed for raising so much money for the DNC.

I think he is the chosen one the DNC will announce in April or May.  He's raised so much money, the DNC owes him.   I think Trump opposition research knows this, which is why VA government is in the headlines now.   

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