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Urgent: Please add 3rd candidate, Don Blankenship, to WV Republican primary bet

So far, there are only two candidates in the market of who will win the Republican primary for West Virginia governor on May 8, 2018, Morrisey and Jenkins, see under

Don Blankenship, a coal magnate, has announced his candidacy and is polling in second place, after Morrisey, but before Jenkins, for example, see under

and the same poll also reported under

"The survey conducted by Osage Research, commissioned by Morrisey and first obtained by theWashington Examiner, has the attorney general in first place with 24 percent of the vote, followed closely by coal baron Don Blankenship with 22 percent, and Rep. Evan Jenkins in third with 17 percent."

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I meant the primary for US Senator of West Virginia, of course, not for Governor.

PI has added Blankenship by now. Thanks.

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