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"Trending" and "Most Predicted" markets

Although PredictIt give the explanations below for the other categories of markets, what are "Trending" markets and "Most Predicted" markets?

Featured Markets - markets that receive a significant amount of attention from the press and the political community.

New Arrivals - These are our most recently opened markets.

Biggest Movers - These markets have seen the largest price changes Today.

Trending - ???

Most Predicted - ???

Closing Soon - markets that are most likely to close in the near future.

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I expect that the most predicted markets are the ones with most shares sold. You could compare the numbers of shares in those market with the numbers of shares in other markets.

It would nice to hear from PredictIt which algorithm they use to determine Trending and Featured, or if any human hands are involved (manipulating, from manus = hand, see also manuscript = hand written).

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