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Buying for 50¢ a share currently selling for 13¢-19¢?

Is there anyway to buy for 50¢ a share that's currently selling for 13¢-19¢?

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Why would you do that?

What you could do is buying so many shares that the last shares you buy you buy for 50ct. That would mean that you've driven up the price in a shallow market to 50ct. In a deep market, your $850 maximum would kick in before you reach the 50ct.

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Why would you want to do that?

Why would you do that?

To turn my account into something like a stock index. For example, imagine if from each of a very specific set of markets, I bought one share at 50 cts. of "Incumbent to lose".

Still not getting it. If it is trading in the low teens, paying 50 cents would be overpaying. If you want to drive it up to cause an artificial spike you're more than welcome to do that, but if you hit the cap before then you should be glad you didn't have to pay that much for it.

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