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Russia investigation markets

Will any House committee schedule a vote to impeach Pres. Trump by year-end?

Will the US House hold a vote on articles of impeachment by year-end?

Will any current US House member be censured/expelled for receiving Russian aid during 2016 campaign?

 **Any affirmative vote would qualify, even a voice-vote. Market settles upon affirmative vote and any reaction by the Congressperson (i.e. resigning, even if prior to vote) or later voiding of the vote would not be taken into account.

Will any 2016 Congressional candidate publicly admit to receiving documents from Russia/Guccifer 2.0 by July 31?

Will any US House member resign by July 31?

 **This should be a new announcement and resignation effective by July 31, any previously announced resignations would not qualify. A resignation effective on or after Aug 1 would settle as 'No'. Market should not take into account any reasoning given behind the resignation. 

Will any 2016 US House candidate be charged with any crime alleging they received Russian aid?

 **Not sure how broadly to word this, may be difficult to write a market topic that works well. Should include any indictment, not just from Mueller i.e. Mueller

may pass off the info to another prosecutor who charges a candidate. Rather than any specific charge, it may be better to settle based on if the charging documents accuse

a candidate of receiving any aid (monetary or otherwise) from a foreign source.

Will any US federal-level politician be charged as a result of the Russia investigation by Aug 15? 

 **Must be someone either serving or who ran for US House, US Senate or US President in 2016. Should not include any aides or appointees, unless they ran for one of these offices in 2016. 2016 Presidential candidates, such as Ben Carson, Rick Perry or Jill Stein would be included, as would any sitting senator who was not up for election. Any state-level officials, such as governor, would not count, unless they also ran for President - think Chris Christie or John Kasich. People like Reince Priebus or Elaine Chao or Roger Stone would not count as politicians for this market.

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