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new website design

the new website design blows....does anyone know how to re-link to the old site?? was on the navigation bar when i signed in last week, but now the link isn't there.....please help as i can't use this new site deisign..

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I just emailed support to say the same thing. New site is absolutely terrible. I'm not sure who is running things over there but the whole group responsible for this mess should probably be replaced with someone who knows what they are doing.

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completely unusable, if they disable the legacy version I am done with the site

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Try --- -----' I'm glad it's not just me that can't stand the new website.

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Try ---- --- I'm glad it's not just me that can't stand the new website. I think the old site will be up a bit longer.... The way they dropped that link to the old site shows they have the mindset to shove their new garbage website down our throats - nevermind they got our money by showing they had a great product only to drastically change it to one that impedes trading.

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I agree with you. I won't participate in the discussions or make as many trades under this format. It is less intuitive and more complicated. The old version is a comparative joy, and much more pleasing to the eye. This one makes me dizzy.

There is nothing wrong with long as it's for the better. This was change for the sake of change. 

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Thanks Doug for the legacy link. It's like the world is finally cleansed again...if only briefly.

Companies don't like to concede they made a mistake. Stubbornness overwhelms common sense. That's why I think they'll eventually eliminate the Legacy option altogether.

If that happens, this site basically won't exist to me. Once the Legacy link was provided the competence gap between Legacy and the new garbage is even more lopsided than I realized.

Did they try to make every mistake possible with the new version? Success!

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The worst I'm trying to figure out ho to close my account. I asked to be allowed to choose the old site and now the took down the option. Theres no way anyone can like the new site. Wish they would start a market for a vote on which version people want.

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100% agreement on this for me.  Been a member since 2016 and the new page just does not work.  Why not just beautify the old page and not change the functionality or ease of getting information?

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I just joined and only ever have known the new site. It seems pretty intuitive to me. Maybe the old site is better, but at this point, after an hour or so, I think I'm used to the new one... don't feel like diving into the old one too much.

Thanks for the link. I build and design sites like this for a living, and I say from experience this design is a mistake. The old site was a bit out of date and technically clunky. It needed some upgrades and fine tuning. It did not need a complete overhaul. 

The problem isn't that this is new. It's just bad. Example:  getting information about my history is more complicated now. Sometimes a simple table in nice legible font is all you need. Seriously how can you screw up a table? (see screenshot). 

The problems extend to navigation and trading too. This is form over function. It needed to be user tested before a drastic and poorly designed change like this was rolled out.

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This site is run by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I am guessing the new Freshman class came in for Website Production 101, they gave the dumbest kid in the class photoshop and had him draw up a new design, the rest of the class tried to hack it together, and now we are stuck with the mess they produced. If they had any dignity at all they would trash the whole thing and give us back the original site. You can let the kids play with the new site for their class project but don't force it on the rest of us.

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I go in as all the time. I hate the new version too. 

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