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More Names For D Nom 2020 and Pres, plus Field Contract

Sherrod Brown, Jay Inslee, Chris Van Hollen, Gavin Newsom, Eric Holder, Michelle Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Beto O'Rourke, Steve Bullock, John Hickenlooper, Mitch Landrieu, Eric Garcetti, Bill de Blasio, Field. All these should be listed for both D Nom and Pres 2020. R Nom 2020 should also have a Field or Other contract.

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Richard Ojeda has announced he's running and scheduled trips to Iowa and NH

In addition the names above, Hillary Clinton should definitely be listed. 

I like, but I don't think Michelle Obama needs to be there.  It's about a 2% chance she would run, at best. 

Sherrod Brown

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