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"Other contracts" on Multi-contract market with all options owned

Just for kicks, I tried buying some No shares on every contract in a multi-contract market at various prices and amounts (roughly equal amounts, but not prices).  I now own No shares for all possible positions in the market.  When I look at my Max Payout amounts, I see the risks for each contract, along with an "Other Contracts" option, with its own Max Payout and a $0 share value.  

All of my other risks are negative numbers and the "risk" for the other contract is now a positive value.  How could there be an "Other Contracts" option, especially given the market has a "less than X" option and a "greater than Y" option?  (see picture below) Did I just bet on something that is impossible to happen?

Also, I think that to clear up some confusion, perhaps PredictIt could use TRUE and FALSE for the multi-contract markets in their detailed stats.  So, if a No contract turns out to be incorrect, then it would be a FALSE NO, and not an "If No" - No, and if it were correct then it would be a TRUE NO, and not an "If Yes" - No.


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