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Have a 1 Year or "since inception" option on charts

I would find it useful to have a 1 year option when viewing price-charts. I tend to put in bets, where my "prediction horizon" is are much longer-term than 90 days. 

Example, when I see a bet asking "Will Kim lead NK at end-2019?", I would like to look at the whole year price-chart of a similar market ("Will Kim lead NK at end-2018?") to see how it performed across 12 months.

An "Since Inception" option would be similarly helpful Indeed, if I had to choose, I'd take "since inception"... at least I'll be able to see all the data, even if I lose some granularity.

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Agreed, but do it in the reverse as well. Noob gamblers around here want to be able to sort by closing this week.

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