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Trump sworn testimony market resolved incorrectly

Last night during an interview, a political pundit named Kellyanne Conway claimed that the written answers Trump provided to Mueller last month were "under oath". 

You can google all you want looking for any kind of corroboration of this claim; it can't be corroborated. By all appearances, the claim is false. Kellyanne Conway is known for saying things that aren't true. There is no proof that Trump provided answers to Mueller under oath. There are no news stories reporting that Trump provided testimony to Mueller under oath. Considering that the Russia investigation has dominated the news for the last two years, don't you think that it would be newsworthy that Trump provided testimony under oath? Yet no news stories. Because it didn't happen.

PredictIt resolved this market prematurely and without doing proper due diligence. On the market page, PredictIt even said that in order for the market to resolve as 'Yes', the written answers have to be sent to a grand jury, or in response to a subpoena. There is no evidence whosoever that either a grand jury or a subpoena exists. Nor is there evidence that the written answers were under oath, besides an offhand claim from a known liar. I am very disappointed in PredictIt for their carelessness.

PredictIt: what are you doing to make this right for the users you fleeced this morning?

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