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Add "definitively running" Democratic nominee candidates

As per NYT (, at the very least Buttigieg, Castro are definitively running and have had reasonably credible campaign rollouts so far

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Plus: Bullock Hogan

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LOL. They add Andrew Yang but not Julian Castro or Tulsi Gabbard. Castro will probably not be added until he is first in the polls.

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Agreed re above but also some of the other likely to run candidates: No reason not include the following: Hickenlooper Inslee Buttigieg Castro Bennet Moulton Landrieu Gabbard

Please add Jay Inslee.

Yeah, I am waiting for Hickenlooper to be added. At the right price, I'm planning on maxing out my limit for both Democratic and Presidential wins, so I hope I can reflect this confidence at this point in the process.

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