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Add "definitively running" Democratic nominee candidates

As per NYT (, at the very least Buttigieg, Castro are definitively running and have had reasonably credible campaign rollouts so far

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Yeah, I am waiting for Hickenlooper to be added. At the right price, I'm planning on maxing out my limit for both Democratic and Presidential wins, so I hope I can reflect this confidence at this point in the process.

Please add Jay Inslee.

LOL. They add Andrew Yang but not Julian Castro or Tulsi Gabbard. Castro will probably not be added until he is first in the polls.

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Agreed re above but also some of the other likely to run candidates: No reason not include the following: Hickenlooper Inslee Buttigieg Castro Bennet Moulton Landrieu Gabbard
Plus: Bullock Hogan

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