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Will Jussie Smollet be charges with a crime

We need more markets following headline news.
Since a lot of the discussion groups revolve around the alleged racism of Trump supporters, this would be a hot market with lots of interest.

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predict it what is going on? this market could've been a great one! unfortunately now it is already over

unfortunate we already missed this one, Predict add other charges markets please! 

new AG incoming

unfortunate this one was missed. PI c'mon now!

agree with OP, there's a lot of potential in following shorter-term event markets as well. sure i can trade, but i don't wanna cash out on my current bets until they're near over like 6 mo to 2 years from now. give us more to trade on in the meantime, it's worth your while, no?

 It would be great if there could be betting on whether nationally/internationally reported "racist" incidents will be found to be real or just hoaxes.  The latest example is the "Whites Only" note "found" in a restroom at Bremen High School in Georgia two days ago.  Betting on such incidents as this and the Jussie Smollet case would be hot.

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