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More Charges Markets

We have new AG coming in, lets add charges markets for John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Glenn Simpson, the Ohrs, James Baker etc

Much appreciated

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Hilarious  - even after Lisa Page's testimony we cant get additional dem markets. PI please, so much potential here

Obama, Loretta Lynch, Huma, Comey, Weiner, Holder

please PI

Trump is currently tweeting about this - please PI add the markets!!!

Predictit you there? perhaps a Rosenstein market and smollet?

PI please! The new markets are total jokes - did you even glance over the papadopoulos testimony the other day? We have charges markets for don jr based on yellow journalism but not for people who are named under congressional testimony as committing felonious activities? 

We missed huge opportunity for j smollet markets - charges and then another for will charges stick! Especially in a city where the AG is in photos with upper echelon democrats and received more than 600k in donations from soros during her election. 

What exactly has to surface before some new charges markets? With FISA declass coming up this opportunity should not be missed. I think there is ample opportunity for high volume with all named mentioned in previous posts as well as 'long shot' markets like Obama himself being indicted. 

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