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Israeli Election


You already have a market on Netanyahu as PM on 6/30, it's problematic, because even if he loses the election in April he could still be the PM on 6/30 (if the new government was not yet formed). In any case, there is no direct election of the PM in the Israeli system. The citizens vote for a party, not a person.

Can you please add a market for the results of the election, i.e., how many seats in the parliament each party will have?  There are about 10 relevant parties and 120 seats in the parliament, so it could be a very interesting market. If you think this is too complected for you, you can just start a market on the number of seats the two main parties (Likud and Blue and White) would have. At the moment it seems that any number between 25 and 40 seats is possible for each of these parties. 

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