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Theft of money On Rasmussen Trump markets

There are a group of thieves who get the score of the ball game before the first pitch is thrown.

As Predictit is well aware, sever players in the Rasmussen Trump markets pay Rasmussen $199.95 a month to get the daily information (the correct #s for that day) very early (between 7:50-8:30.) The regular time is 9:30.

That enables those thieves to steal money invested by the rest of us who get daily numbers when the regular daily information is posted by Rasmussen at 9:30,

This week, PI (WITHOUT NOTICE) stopped trading on that market at 5:00 am on the expiration day, thereby keeping the thieves from having unfair advantage on the last day. But they had the information early and controlled the markets and took everyone else's money the rest of the week. 

This is only one of many instances where a few players have information that enable them to take advantage of the rest of us.

Predictit, though supposedly regulated by the Commodities Future Trading Commission, refuses to do anything about stopping it and, most often  will not even respond to the inquires of cheated customers.

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So, it's somewhat incorrect to say that PredictIt is regulated by the CFTC. Their existence is implicitly sanctioned by the CFTC in that they've issued a No-Action Letter:

But this does not imply that PredictIt is required to follow any rules other than the ones discussed in the no-action letter itself:

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