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I bought "No" shares and received money?

I am new to this but am very confused by my 2 most recent trades.

All in the Dem primary market. My first few trades made sense, for example:

- Bought 666 shares of Bernie "Yes" at 16 cents, 666 x .16 = 106.56

- Bought 123 shares of Biden "No" at 76 cents, 123 x .76 = 93.48

Those cost me 106.56 and 93.48 which makes sense as shown above.

Just now I made the following trades in which I do not understand the cost at all:

- Bought 112 shares of Buttigieg "No" at 87 cents, and the cash transaction was +$13.10?

- Bought 70 shares of Buttigieg "No" at 87 cents, and cash transaction was ($51.90)?

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