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Iowa and NH presidential markets

We may still be eleven months out, but as Iowa and NH have distinctly different constituencies, and many polls are already regularly being released, I think it would be good to have markets set with all the candidates that have been discussed on the site for IA and NH.

On this subject and those raised by other participants, can anyone at predictit confirm if/when forum entries are being read and/or considered and/or acted upon? I don't think the silence in response to people's questions, requests, and suggestions exactly engenders confidence for prospective participants, or current ones who might otherwise become considerably more active traders.

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The Iowa and New Hampshire markets began trading yesterday. If you haven't had a chance to take a look yet, I invite you to check it out. Thanks so much for your contributions and please continue to share your ideas.

Great, thanks very much for your reply, Dave.

Thanks for your thoughts on Iowa and New Hampshire. Stay tuned at the site. Discussion regarding this topic is currently circulating among the new question committee. As you've pointed out, it's early. I don't have an ETA and can't make a firm commitment at this time, but this topic certainly has our attention. Please continue to share your ideas regarding this and other new questions!


I would love to see Iowa and NH markets.

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