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Email Alerts When Offers Accepted

Title says it all. PredictIt should email when your offers are accepted.

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Strongly support-this would make PredictIt 100% more usable for me.

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Should become standard procedure for sure! There's no way to be on your PC/Phone at all times, but being able to receive an update would relieve a lot of buyer/seller stresses and most likely increase over-all trading as a result.

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I am pretty sure I could write such an app tomorrow if PredictIt does not have an issue with it.  I would not want to do anything that violates the Terms of Service.

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In case fear is being overwhelmed by alerts, it can (should) be optional.

Personally, I would setup filter in my email to put these in a separate folder with their own alerts (gmail great for that). Would be a great enhancement to the site.

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